Friday, March 28, 2008


I honestly believe that my skin clears up when I go back to nigeria for vaca. Why? hmmm....lemme see I have natural "organic" food at my service everyday!! fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs name it!! Every thing is fresh and at your service. I love my food spicy, its so spicy that I am forced to drink loads of water which is great for my skin!!! see!!

Anyways besides the healthy diet, there are natural herb filled products that I use without all that chemical cong. SO here are some of my favorite products from home!

Let me know what yours are?

Baby Body Jelly (a.k.a Baby Vaseline)

I don't need to say much about this product. Vaseline is the only product that I know is a do all; its serves as ligloss, makeup remover, hair cream, body cream name it, Vaseline can do it!!! the only special thing about baby vaselines are that unlike regular vaselines, they usually come with fragrances (that smell like baby powder...AHHHHHHHHHH). So this is definately one of my favorite products from Home for many reasons, including nostalgia. (I think all my baby cousins used this)

Delta Medicated Soap and Delta Plus

All I need to see is the gladiator-ish woman and I am happy because I know its DELTA! the medicated soap has been my favorite since secondary school. That time I used it because it was the only soap that made me feel clean after cutting the grass, but now I use it because it really does cleanse your skin, although you have to moisturize right after. I love this soap because it does what it says it does, it cleans and PROTECTS!


I think many of us have tried this soap especially after a random breakout of rash, pimple or enzema. I don't know about you but I was raised to believe that there was nothing this natural soap could not get rid of. Never a huge fan of the smell but I will tell you that with ingredients like shea butter and Aloe Vera, your body will thank you for it. Great for those that are looking to go natural with their products.

There is another NEW form of black soap in the market called AKACHA

I don't have to say much about this product because alot of us were raised with this product being present in our everyday lives. Did your mom pour a bit of dettol in ur warm water before u took a bath? did she dab it into cotton wool and apply it to your wound? did she use it to clean the floor? Basically what am sayin is that there is nothing Dettol could/and cannot do, and thanks to the innovative spirit of the company, it now has its own soap, which is just as amazing as the liquid.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


To begin this wonderful journey in skin care, I believe that it is appropriate to praise the place I cherish the most: SEPHORA!!! I love this place so much, whenever am Stressed I just walk over to the mall and relax in Sephora. Not only is the shop beautiful, they have everything your little heart desires in terms of skin care, makeup and many more. Loads and Loads of brands, you are never missing anything. Anything your heart can imagine is here. This really is my favorite place, and after this place is Walgreens, Boots and many others. Well thank you Sephora, for being my friend when I needed to be somewhere else (lol, I sound crazy don't I? but I just love this place). Anyways here are a list of some tried and true good quality beauty products:SEPHORA: SEPHORA BRAND BODY SUPER SUPREME BODY BUTTER.
I have used this body butter for 2 years now and I love it. It has everything in it, from Olive oil to all the essential body vitamins, and it is especially moisturizing for black skin. Lord knows how difficult it is to find products that moisturize and not just say it moisturize and dries up in like 5 minutes. Ladies if you're looking for something that keeps ur skin soft and buttery, this is definitely an option.For $70 or more you can try this new cream by Shiseido called Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizer Cream. I have tried this cream and it is good, not only does it smell great it comes on smoothly. After using it all over your body, you might be tempted to just walk around naked because your body feels great. I love all of Shiseido products, but I won't lie some are not for black people because they dry up really fast.

I actually look forward to summer every year because of this Nars Body Glow. For $59, not only do you smell great, you look sunkissed and have a healthy glow. I love this product and I still have mine, another amazing thing about this body oil is that it comes on nice and oily (not greasy) but finishes like powder which is amazing. I recommend this for a first date :) put this all over body before you put on that beautiful dress and end up feeling SEXY!!
I am a BIG BIG BIG FAN of Carol's Daughter!! I just love this brand and especially this Unscented Body Jelly, which is an amazing alternative of Vaseline (my all time favorite product). This product is amazing for $13. What I do is put this all over my body after I shower and spray some body spray and am ready for lectures! Great Great product, there is nothing better than finding a nice moisturizing product for african skin.
*Well this are some of my favorite products from Sephora, there are many more to come. Don't forget to check out, for all you daily beauty and skincare needs. :)